Kayak Hire Introduction

There are many people that are looking for information about kayak hire in Sydney. This is because this is becoming a great sport, and a great way to relax on a weekend after a hard week at the office. However, there are only a few people that are familiar with the different kayaks and why this is a safe sport to do, no matter what the age. Here is some information about kayak hire so that you can know that you are going to have a lot of fun.

Different types of kayaks that you can hire

One of the first things that you might think, when you hear the word kayak, is the old kayaks where you are strapped in, and where you need to rescue yourself when the kayak tips. This is one of the reasons why many people are afraid to try this sport.

With the newer kayaks, knew as the sit-on kayak, you aren’t strapped in and you are not going to struggle to get back on your boat, when you fall overboard. This kayak can’t sink and you will be safe at all times. This is this type of kayak hire in Australia that you can enjoy over a weekend with friends and family. See more this site: http://goodgoingalaska.com/traveling-southport-queensland/

Why this is something that is great for the whole family

There are parents that are wondering if this is really something that they can do with their children. If you have children over the age of 7 years, then you can for sure let them have fun with you on the water. With their lifejackets, they will be saved, and there are two that can ride in one kayak. Making it really safe for the children and the older people that can’t swim.

When you are considering kayak hire in Australia, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your family. This is an outing that you can enjoy and have fun with, without the worrying about the kayak tipping and you or your children falling overboard.

Enjoy beautiful scenery from out the water

You might know the scenery in Sydney when you are taking walks around the beach and the water. However, this is completely different scenery when you are on the water. Then, you might see things that you never know existed. This is why people are considering kayak hire, to be able to see another side to Sydney.

The water is calm and you can enjoy the scenery without any worries about stopping and resting. The scenery can be surprising and you will see Sydney in a whole different way.

Kayak hire is something that not many people are considering. This is because of the older type of kayaks that they are familiar with. However, there are many reasons why you can consider hiring a kayak in Sydney. You are hiring the type of kayak that are newer and that doesn’t strap you in and let you feel that you are in danger. If you and your family love the outdoors, then you should consider kayak hire in Australia for a day of fun and relaxation.

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Traveling to Southport, Queensland

Located at 75 kilometers south of the Brisbane, Southport was a commercial and an administrative center towards the northern end of its city of the Gold Coast. It is situated right behind an impressive waterway known as the Broadwater which, in turn, is sheltered from an ocean with it long  and sandy “The Spit” that extends almost up to the southern on its tip of the south Stradbroke Island. A small area of its opening in between The Spit and Stradbroke Island forms its opening on Broadwater where it boasts the best marina, Sea World, and the Sheraton Mirage Hotel.

Prior on the arrival of all the Europeans, this area was then well utilized by most of the Aborignal tribes who fished, lived, and used the place like Coonera being the site for any initiation ceremonies. This coastline was traversed by Captain Cook during 1770,  John Oxley during 1799 and also in 1802, and, of course, the  opening of Broadwater was in 1822 through  John Bringle. There was a  white settlement during 1840s and an agriculture during 1860s. The American Civil War then created opportunities for cotton-growing during those times, though sugar was grown during the late 1870s. The first white settlers was took root at the place during 1869 and then the current town site was again surveyed in 1874. It was then named Southport after a town in Lancashire.

The following are the best scenery people can view at the Southport, Queensland:

  1. Main Beach with The Spit. Included views here are: Narrow Neck, Southport Surf for Life Saving Clubs, Seaworld Drive, Hollindale Park, Southport Yacht Club. To best virew some these amazing landmarks, you could always try kayak hire in Noosa.
  2. Sea World. It offers lots of rides, shows, many attractions like the hair-raising machine. It also has the Sea World’s Polar Bear Shores, which Ping Ping and Kanook can be found. It has also the cartoon Networks Cartoon Beach, The Power Puff Girls, the Cow and The Chicken, Dexter and the Dee Dee, Johnny Bravo and, of course, Tom and Jerry.
  3. The Broadwater: The Boat Ramps, Waterside Facilities, and Gold Coasts of Northern Territories. Broadwater is just a broad and large body of soft and calm water located at the mouth of the Nerang River. It is enclosed in between mainland up to the west, until the east by The Spit so with the South Stradbroke Island having the small opening in the ocean (better known as Gold Coast Seaway) that is located in between northern end of The Spit with the southern end in South Stradbroke.
  4. The Sanctuary Cove. Hosts an annual events like International Boat Show every May and the Classic Yacht so with the car Concourse every October.
  5. Located at the west of Sanctuary Cove.
  6. Wet’n’Wild at Water Park. The most dynamic water fun as play area all over the world having heated pools, slides and many other activities.
  7. Warner Bros. the Movie World. Designed to be a working studio having a large numbers of stages.
  8. Boat Ramps in the Inland Waterways. Lots of places to go here like Coombabah Creek, Daisy Elms Park, Coomera River, Boykambil Esplanade, etc.

If you cannot decide what to do in Southport, one of the first things you should consider is kayak hire with http://kayakhireaustralia.com.au/ —this is one on the most exciting activities around these parts.

Choosing Between Activities on Your Gold Coast Holiday

Whoever may say that you need time to for yourself has obviously not been to the Gold Coast on some amazing adventures before like kayaking hire Gold Coast.

Here are some of the best activities you can choose during your vacation on the Gold Coast:

  1. Playing beach patrol. With some of the longest and best coastlines in the world, the Gold Coast cannot be beat. Surf, relax or travel along this coastline for an unbelievable experience.

Cost: Free, but you will bring extra cash for lots of fish and chips for your lunch!

  1. Get back to nature. You will be amazed when you explore the beauty of nature such as the World Heritage Gondwana Rainforest located. With lots of walking tracks, you will always be able to find new and interesting nature adventure… be part of nature and you find your inner peace.

Here are few of the wonderful scenery you can have to:

  • Natural Bridge
  • Springbrook National Park
  • Green Mountains
  • Binna Burra
  • Mount Barney National Park
  • Queen Mary Falls Circuit

Cost: It is free, minus the petrol or the other transport in getting there.

  1. Taking a walk down memory lane. Before it was a big, bright light city with skyscrapers, the Gold Coast was all about being understand… kind of cool Miami then meets Vegas glamour! Turning back the clock when you then burst out your camera to take a snap of the retro signage and the iconic typography which can still found from South until Coolangatta.

Cost: There is no need to purchase that DeLorean since this isn’t a time-travel thing… it’s for free.

  1. Off to the Market? Why you opt for the shopping at the mall? Whether you are seeking a massive sale, a tasty treat, or even you are there to enjoy getting out of the house to do a little browsing, this Gold Coast has always been creative with local fresh produce and knick-knacks through to basketfuls of almost everything you could ever wish for.

Cost: Free again! And finding those amazing Gold Coast sales will save you lots of money too.

  1. Knowledge is everything. If the “sun, sand, and the surf” would be you motto in life, then probably you cannot go past on a trip towards Queensland’s surfing museum—the SURFER WORLD!

Cost: Entry is for $10 for all adults.

  1. You better just believe it! (or not). Get your side of being weird on the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium. From the shrunken heads to the world’s tallest individual, its spinning vortex of tunnels and the dance room fantasy. Definitely you can all say wow!, ahh! and ewwww all at the same time!

Cost: $24.90 for each adult, with free of Wi-Fi connection included so that you can go live on Facebook during your adventures at this amazing place.

There are many more choices you can make. For the real adventurers amongst us, try kayaking hire Gold Coast for only under $25… you will not be disappointed!

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Brisbane Offers a Relaxed Vacationing Spot Down Under

The third most popular city in Australia, Brisbane, always attracts any travelers form everywhere in Australia, Asia, and many other places around the globe. Many types of  travelers find dozens of adventures during their stay in this amazing growing city. Brisbane sprawls across many areas and Brisbane River lies at the heart of the city. Travelers can take advantage of lots of different transport to take a closer look at all the areas within the community. However, one of the best things to do is kayaking in Brisbane.

One of the best ways to get around of the city, is by using a City Hopper. The inner city services travel a certain route along on the Brisbane River, to make it easier to view the different attractions like the maritime Museum, the old North Quay, and the eagle Street Pier having lots of views of its downtown places. Best of all, this service is for the ferry. You may also use the private cruises to cross the river. Lots of their cruises will provide a meal and you will have the chances of enjoying the cool breeze. Another way of seeing the city is by using City Sight Bus Tour. You can also do travel hopping and do it all day for a single fee.

Brisbane officials want all their visitors to enjoy the outdoor schedules for each month. This could be one of the many reasons why is it that there isn’t one but two botanical gardens! The Brisbane Botanical Gardens lies along on the shores of its river. Mount Cootha Botanical Gardens is another favorite amongst the locals and is a very famous garden in the city. All visitors may see lots of Bonsai Houses with several miniature trees being displayed and also a Tropical Display Dome which show off lots Asian plants with an authentic Japanese Garden that is laid out through an experts. There are many volunteers who provide guided tours, allowing these people to know and understand what they are seeing. Every day, the gardens offer lots of walks and many scenic areas such as several Chinese pagodas and lots of striking outdoor sculptures. Another area to be amongst nature is the Australia Zoo where you can view many native animals like koalas and kangaroos. The zoo is about an hour outside of Brisbane and was originally created by Steve Irwin, who is better known to us as the Crocodile Hunter. His work was very good, allowing all visitors to view his beloved creation in person. More details here: http://travel.usnews.com/Brisbane_Australia/

Below are some of the Brisbane’s relaxing vacation spots which you can enjoy:

  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
  • Moreton Island National Park
  • Queensland Performing Arts Center
  • Brisbane Powerhouse
  • Gallery of Modern Art

Brisbane boasts more than a 27 km of bicycle paths that could be the best way to view on the city without being stuck in the traffic and or worrying about where to find parking areas. Alternatively, should you want to be more adventurous and see the city from a completely different perspective, there is lots of kayaking Brisbane can offer. Come and explore today!