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Choosing Between Activities on Your Gold Coast Holiday

Whoever may say that you need time to for yourself has obviously not been to the Gold Coast on some amazing adventures before like kayaking hire Gold Coast.

Here are some of the best activities you can choose during your vacation on the Gold Coast:

  1. Playing beach patrol. With some of the longest and best coastlines in the world, the Gold Coast cannot be beat. Surf, relax or travel along this coastline for an unbelievable experience.

Cost: Free, but you will bring extra cash for lots of fish and chips for your lunch!

  1. Get back to nature. You will be amazed when you explore the beauty of nature such as the World Heritage Gondwana Rainforest located. With lots of walking tracks, you will always be able to find new and interesting nature adventure… be part of nature and you find your inner peace.

Here are few of the wonderful scenery you can have to:

  • Natural Bridge
  • Springbrook National Park
  • Green Mountains
  • Binna Burra
  • Mount Barney National Park
  • Queen Mary Falls Circuit

Cost: It is free, minus the petrol or the other transport in getting there.

  1. Taking a walk down memory lane. Before it was a big, bright light city with skyscrapers, the Gold Coast was all about being understand… kind of cool Miami then meets Vegas glamour! Turning back the clock when you then burst out your camera to take a snap of the retro signage and the iconic typography which can still found from South until Coolangatta.

Cost: There is no need to purchase that DeLorean since this isn’t a time-travel thing… it’s for free.

  1. Off to the Market? Why you opt for the shopping at the mall? Whether you are seeking a massive sale, a tasty treat, or even you are there to enjoy getting out of the house to do a little browsing, this Gold Coast has always been creative with local fresh produce and knick-knacks through to basketfuls of almost everything you could ever wish for.

Cost: Free again! And finding those amazing Gold Coast sales will save you lots of money too.

  1. Knowledge is everything. If the “sun, sand, and the surf” would be you motto in life, then probably you cannot go past on a trip towards Queensland’s surfing museum—the SURFER WORLD!

Cost: Entry is for $10 for all adults.

  1. You better just believe it! (or not). Get your side of being weird on the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium. From the shrunken heads to the world’s tallest individual, its spinning vortex of tunnels and the dance room fantasy. Definitely you can all say wow!, ahh! and ewwww all at the same time!

Cost: $24.90 for each adult, with free of Wi-Fi connection included so that you can go live on Facebook during your adventures at this amazing place.

There are many more choices you can make. For the real adventurers amongst us, try kayaking hire Gold Coast for only under $25… you will not be disappointed!

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